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Philippine military alerted against new moves of mutinous group: Spokesman

MANILA, 04/23 - The Philippine military said on Sunday that it would not allow any armed group to destabilize the government, two days after an officer of the mutinous Magdalo Group hinted of a power grab coming soon.

"What I can say is that we`ll be prepared to meet them head on, " said Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) spokesman Jose Angel Honrado over the radio DzBB, referring to the Magdalo Group.

"As we have been saying, we will not allow this government to be intimidated, to be destabilized by any armed group trying to seize power," added Honrado, also the AFP deputy chief of staff for reservists and retirees affairs.

The military spokesman said the AFP would be vigilant against possible "terrorist" activities that may be sown by the Magdalo Group, including arson and ambuscade of troops, to push their objective.

Honrado reiterated the AFP chief Generoso Senga`s stance that the military should not be a force used to pursue the "personal motives" of some "politicians and other vested interest groups."

Honrado reminded the renegade officers that the "ultimate victims and ultimate losers" in destabilization moves are the ordinary people.

In an interview aired on Friday by ABS-CBN TV, Magdalo Group spokesman Sonny Sarmiento said the group would be making its presence felt anew in the coming days.

Sarmiento, one of the four officers who escaped from the military headquarters at Fort Bonifacio last Jan. 17, said that the cause they were fighting for in the Oakwood Mutiny on July 27, 2003 still remains.

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